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Fresh Produce

We offer the best produce available in Ontario and nothing less! With multiple restocking weekly we always have top quality produce available at any given day. We custom order our produce in order to make sure we have the best possible prices and quality, as a bonus we are able to order unique limited time items. 

Dairy Products

We have all basic dairy items including some more specialty items such as Haloom, goat cheese, and Kashkaval. 

Bulk Dry Fruits & Nuts

Our bulk selections are imported from around the world to insure we get top quality on unique dry foods. Imports include Afghanistan, Iran, America, Saudi Arabia, and much more. 


We pridefully display foods, spices, canned goods, and sweets from all around the world. Turkish Coffee, Indian Gulabjaman, samosas, Afghani Tea and much, much more is just a visit away. 

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