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Afghani Bread

Our bread is baked to perfection daily. We bake both whole wheat and white afghani bread, with the occasional oily bread available. 


Traditionally baked tandoori style Naan. Baked to a beautiful golden crust and soft fluffy centre, our Naan is always fresh.

Daily Baked Bread

All Afghani and Naan bread is made from scratch and baked in-house daily. We strive to bring the best quality and taste to the table with no additives. Cleanliness is always a top focus and with a bakery it is important not to use harsh cleaners that could make their way into the dough. To ensure you get the most fresh bread possible, please refer to the schedule at which displays when bread is being baked. 

Sunday - 12pm - 9pm

Monday - no bread is baked

Tuesday - 12pm - 9pm

Wednesday - 12pm - 9pm

Thursday - 12pm - 9pm

Friday - 12pm - 9pm

Saturday - 12pm - 9pm


Custom Bread

Need a large quantity order, or custom baked bread? Call in and order bulk bread or custom made bread. Custom toppings or styles include, oily bread, black seed, sesame seed, mixed whole wheat and bleached wheat dough and any combination of the previously listed. 

Call (905) 662-0060

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